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Ovaj nivo je za prave jezičke sladokusce koji su spremni na izazove. Na ovom nivou više nema granica, vaše je samo da se ukrcate sa nama na prvu lekciju i uživate do poslednje, uz puno truda i rada, ali i neverovatne rezultate na kraju kursa.

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Detaljan opis kursa

Ovaj nivo sastoji se od 34 lekcije. Najviše pažnje posvetićemo obogaćivanju vašeg rečnika i od vas se u svakoj lekciji očekuje da usvojite minimum 20 novih reči. Na ovom nivou otkrićete kako da sve što želite izrazite na mnogo lepši način.

Lekcije koje su pokrivene kursom

34 Lekcije07h 27m

Lesson 1?

Words we must know on this level - good vocabulary, good language!
Must-know vocabulary!27:04
Must- know vocabulary – quiz

Lesson 2?

Strong adjectives we need to use when we describe various places

Lesson 3?

Let's revise old tenses and add a new one!

Lesson 4?

We'll practice some exam skills on this topic

Lesson 5?

Let's learn how to avoid some tenses and be more productive!

Lesson 6?

Let's discuss some burning issues in sport!

Lesson 7?

Teacher Ernest is discussing this burning issue with you.

Lesson 8?

Some new ways of discussing this

Lesson 9?

What's expecting us in the future?

Lesson 10?

How can we emphasize using this form?

Lesson 11?

How to discuss books and films in a professional way?

Lesson 12?

We are introducing some alternatives to conditionals, nothing is black and white anymore!

Lesson 13?

In this lesson we are discussing the difference between space and room.

Lesson 14?

In this lesson we are discussing the future of education

Lesson 15?

In this lesson we are discussing another burning issue of our future.

Lesson 16?

Observing future situations from the point of view in the past

Lesson 17?

This is the list of key factors that influence the happiness in our lives.

Lesson 18?

Yes, we have to learn them by heart, but it doesn't have to be boring!

Lesson 19?

We are discussing another burning issue

Lesson 20?

Reading graphs and explaining them

Lesson 21?

We are exploring a rich world of sounds in English

Lesson 22?

This is another way of putting an emphasis on something

Lesson 23?

This is the list of the most desirable cities for life

Lesson 24?

Let's discuss this burning issue!

Lesson 25?

This is list of medical terms

Lesson 26?

Modal verbs divided according to their meaning

Lesson 27

Lesson 28?

A list of multifunctional collocations applicable in various situations

Lesson 29

Lesson 30

Lesson 31

Lesson 32

Lesson 33

Lesson 34

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